Naughty Corner

Naughty CornerOur Naughty Corner App aims to help with the time proven technique of disciplining children by giving them a time out to get them out of the situation that is causing trouble, give them some time to think and calm down and give the carers some time to calm down too.

Normally this is done for a set time, a minute for each year of life. Other timer apps are generic and you need to set them each time. Clicking the timer to start and reset can be multiple steps and with a screaming child you want it as easy as possible. And most importantly, particularly in the younger years, numbers on the screen mean nothing.

So our is simple, quick, repeatable with a visual indicator for kids. Please let us know any comments suggestions or anything else.

Screen shot: Splash ScreenScreen shot: Settings NC_1.0_Screenshot_Countdown


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